Oliver the Toaster
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Oliver the Toaster

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E. M. Olson
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Early one Saturday morning, a five-year-old boy named Oliver decides that he doesnt want to be ordinary anymore. He chooses to become a toaster instead. He takes a cardboard box and draws on it all the parts that a toaster would havealong with holes for his eyes and hands!
Now that Oliver is a toaster, he does his best to help his mom in the kitchen and his dad in the garden. He visits a friend, and they play video games. All through the day, he works hard to prove that a toaster can do anything an ordinary boy can do. Along the way Oliver learns an important lesson about himself.

This illustrated childrens story explores the use of imagination with one of the best toys of all timean empty box. It shares a powerful truthwhile costumes have their limits, imagination can make everything more than ordinary.

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