Solar Integrity
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Solar Integrity

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Joe Gwerder
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It is mid-2014. As little as ten years ago the word solar was hardly spoken here in the U.S. Within just the last decade a very unique set of circumstances has pushed this virtually unknown industry into a position of popular interest. With such a rapid increase there are also growing pains. This book will take you through the transition of the solar industry from a time of unknown to center stage. Through the personal experiences of the author who has been directly involved as a business owner, educator, designer and installer for most of the past decade, you will get an inside look at the parts of this industry that the general public rarely knows. If you are contemplating a career in this industry and/or considering obtaining these products for your own usage, this book should be read before any final decisions are made.
You may be shocked to learn that the most popular methods also pose the largest potential of failure. Within these pages you will only find true stories. There will no doubt be areas in which you may be tempted to assume exaggerated or invented situations were created for the purpose of this book. The reality is that neither took place. This is a rare opportunity to read a book that is presented by someone who has had significant direct involvement in a relatively new industry and who is also an established author. The main purpose of this book is to inform and educate. Any entertainment value derived is simply a bonus.

One thing is for sure when it comes to the stability of the solar industry in this country it isnt.

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