Cave Art and Climate Change
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Cave Art and Climate Change

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Kieran D. O’Hara
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French and Spanish Upper Paleolithic cave art was drawn forty thousand to eleven thousand years ago, and it was motivated by climate change.
Kieran D. OHara, a geologist and professor emeritus at the University of Kentucky, explains why we know that to be true in this groundbreaking book. His goal isnt to explore the meaning of cave art but to show why it was done.

While many scholars argue that the art depicted in these caves dont depict the animals of that period, OHara argues just the opposite putting forth the controversial theory that the cave paintings accurately reflect the climate and animals that existed alongside the artists.

For far too long, cave art specialists have incorrectly concluded that cave art doesnt match up with the reality of life at the time because theyve been comparing archaeological bone remains with cave imagery of a different age.

Paleolithic people survived through the most severe swings in climate this planet has experienced in the past two million years, and it was a major factor in what cave artists depicted. Examine the facts, and discover a new interpretation with Cave Art and Climate Change.

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