My Beehavior Buddy
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My Beehavior Buddy

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Jenny H Lamberth
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BB is a little bee who was born with odd markings and unique features. He realizes from early on that he is different, and longs to feel special and one-of-a-kind. With no plan in mind, he sets off on an adventure to try to find a job that will make him feel complete.During his travels, BB encounters the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa. BB tells them of his plight and they each give him jobs that he blunders, but in turn, his mishaps reveal his true calling. In the end BB is hired by all three to be the Beehavior Buddy and help all children. BB reports to them all throughout the year to tell of each childs progress in becoming responsible and well behaved.
My Beehavior Buddy is a lighthearted, rhyming picture book that addresses three main behaviors: personal hygiene, cleaning up after oneself, and self-control. Throughout his adventure, BBs experiences touch on valuable life lessons for children. Let BB be a friend to your child.
Please visit our website at to purchase the BB knit doll that can watch over your child, along with the special note pad that BB uses to leave the occasional note for your child during the night. These tools can be used to reinforce a positive behavior the child has been exhibiting or encouragement to start working to change a negative behavior.

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