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An Anthology of Verse
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F. M. Bonevento
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Where is this I find me? How came I to this spot? Methinks it seems familiar, yet in truth I know it not. A door with curtained windows all aflutter on the breeze. A long and twisting staircase that spirals where it climbs. A niche, standing empty, where once a statue stood. A door leading to somewhere, but it wont open for me.
F. M. Bonevento has been on a poetic journey since 1980. In his second collection of poetry, he leads others through the musings of his mind, across time and space, people, and a variety of settings.

As he darts into spaces sometimes known and often unexpected, Bonevento casts a lyrical light on the sacred and the mundane as well as the mythic and the mind. While exploring themes such as myths and legends; the beauty of nature; faith and prayer; and the realm of dreams, ideas, and emotions, Bonevento invites others to reflect on his introspective perspectives while taking their own unique journeys through the mind to explore ideas and feelings about the world.

Musings shares a journey in verse created from one mans life experiences and reflections over a twenty-five-year period.

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