A School Security Officer
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A School Security Officer

What Makes a Good One?
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James Puckett
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School security officers face tough challenges. They are charged with the responsibility of protecting children in the schools. In The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One? author James Puckett shares the common challenges you can expect daily on the job and how to deal with them. He will teach you how to improve your relationship with students, administrators, parents, teachers, and faculty.
From personal experience gained during eight years as a high school security officer, Puckett goes inside the school and shows firsthand what its like to work as a school security officer. He focuses not only on the duties and responsibilities of a school security officer but also on what it takes for a school security officer to carry out those duties and responsibilities effectively, including the qualities, traits, and characteristics that many other professions and jobs dont require.

Whether youre a young school security officer just starting on the job, or a seasoned one who has been on the job for several years, The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One? communicates how you can best carry out your duties and responsibilities. It can help you become a good school security officer on your way to becoming a better one.

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