Holding Her Hand
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Holding Her Hand

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Sylvia Mintz
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With one child already at home, Valerie Branch is surprised when she delivers twins on Labor Day of 1961 with her second pregnancy. Rod is predestined to be a mighty hunter, while his sister Carla, is born with the gift of healing. With a strong connection to her brother, she senses when he is in pain or trouble, a gift he doesnt reciprocateeven when she needs him most.
Challenges arise when this over-protective mom and simplistic father Daniel dont always see eye-to-eye on raising their free-spirited children. But the family bond holds tight through every new trial and their faith grows stronger even when tragedy brings them to their knees and evil invades their community.

Holding Her Hand narrates a family saga that takes place in rural North Carolina when tobacco farms still ruled the South, when attending church on Sunday morning was the norm, not the exception and when most families were struggling to make it to middle-class status.

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