Past Perfect
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Past Perfect

A Story About a Past That Became the Present
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A. Reynolds
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Dr. Christine Eastman is a rising star in analytical chemistry who has always wondered what it would be like to have a child growing inside of her. Abandoned by her husband, Eastman takes a job as head of analytics for an archaeological company and heads to Antarctica, where scientists have discovered the body of a man preserved in ice for at least five thousand years. It is not long before an intrigued Eastman begins secretly speculating whether the frozen mans sperm could become a viable component in her mission to become pregnant.
After overcoming ethical hurdles, Eastman relies on chemical skills to extract the mans sperm and impregnate herself. Nine months later, she gives birth to an ancient mans baby boy, suddenly transforming both her and Jemmy into reluctant scientific celebrities. Eventually an unhappy Eastman secretly travels to Rio de Janeiro with Jemmy to begin an anonymous life. Years later when she finally returns to America with Jemmy so he can attend college, he learns the truth about himselfand his inherited abilities. Unfortunately, Eastman has no idea that the decision she made long ago is about to lead to lethal consequences.

In this science fiction tale, a chemist who ingeniously utilizes modern science to help her achieve a lofty goal unwittingly unlocks secrets from the past with the power to change everything.

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