God Drops In
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God Drops In

Enjoying the Presence of God
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Dale L. Bates
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God Drops In: Enjoying the Presence of God gathers together a collection of poems that serves as a guide for individuals seeking to come to know God more intimately. Dale L. Bates, resting upon the experiences and insights gained over a life that spans almost eighty years, including fifty-five years of marriage, offers the lessons he has learned through his varied vocations and his pursuit of spiritual learning.
A prologue sketches out the character of the poets search. In particular, its discussion of the writings of Brother Lawrence on the presence of God provides background and context for the collections poetry. The collection then speaks to a variety of topics, including love, fear, forgiveness, respect, aging, death, hope, and God. One poem, typifying the collections mix of everyday details and spiritual insight, observes, Hope stands in the middle of chaos and directs / the traffic toward peace and order.

If you find your life calling you to seek out the times and places where God may touch you, then God Drops In, with its unpretentious approach to seeking the presence of God in Christ amid the details of daily life, will serve as your guide.

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