Susan and the Sunflower
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Susan and the Sunflower

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James Huffman
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Adobe Digital Editions
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With the aid of a mysterious crystal ball, a wicked queen named Evilla creates and then drinks an immortality potion. The potion turns her bottom half into that of a black widow spider with an actual hourglass on her back. For the next five hundred years, Evilla must turn the hourglass every night after midnightbut before sunriseor risk certain death.
Her nemesis is a powerful wizard who hopes to foil all her destructive plans and preparations. In order to stop him, the queen again seeks guidance from her ominous crystal ball. If not hindered, the spider queen will become owner of the chrysoprase: a yearned-for staff bestowed with the ability to cast powerful spells from an ancient book of black magic.

If the queen achieves her goal, the entire kingdom will be at her mercy. The wizard has no choice but to seek out a foretold young girl, Susan, who may be able to put a stop to Evillas sinister plan. Although Susan is special, shes only thirteen! What can she do to stop a queen with magic powers? Susan must look inside herself to find out.

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