How to Boom B2b Sales
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How to Boom B2b Sales

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Carmit Yadin
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This book provides useful information in a clear and elegant form. Highly recommend to anyone looking for ways to develop and improve sales skills. A. Migdal an Author and Entrepreneur

I find this book very refreshing and well written. It has great approaches and proper key point for sales people to use on a day to day sales activities.
M. Lovovsky, Sales Leader and Executive.

Carmit Yadin does a great job of capturing practices that work and practices that dont in the real world.
C.Jones. Founder and CEO

The best salespeople in the corporate and B2B worlds share similar qualities and skills, and if you want to join them, youll need to study their methods.

Thats not always easy in the cutthroat world of sales, where competition between companies and within organizations complicates the process. Fortunately, this guidebookthe first one in the How to Boom serieshelps you cultivate the right relationships with the right people.

Carmit Yadin, a veteran marketer who has worked primarily with multinational companies, delivers practical tools and advice to make B2B sales simple and doable. Learn how to:

focus on the customers financial resultsnot your own;
break your sales process into small bites;
create a pool of B2B sales leads;
qualify and follow up with potential customers;
generate more sales through social media.

Each chapter includes a helpful summary with bullet points reiterating main themes. After reading this guide, youll want to get future books in the series, which will focus on marketing and social media for B2B professionals.

Whether youre just starting your career in sales or are a seasoned professional, youll discover best practices to help close more deals with How to Boom B2B Sales.

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