Zoe’S Tales
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Zoe’S Tales

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Matthew J. Dupee
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One stormy night, Luke is jolted awake by the booming sound of thunder cracking outside. Though his big sister, Leia, sleeps soundly despite the storm, Luke cant sleep at all. Hes scared. He doesnt want to be alone through the storm, so he tip-toes over to his sisters bed and wakes her up. When Leia hears the thunder, she becomes frightened too. The children huddle together, shivering in Leias bed. What are they going to do?
As the children shiver and the thunder clatters, the door creaks open slowly. Through the door comes someone the kids know and lovetheir dog, Zoe. Thats when things get really amazing, for when Zoe finds her special children, she talks to them. And its a good thing, too, because Zoe knows something about the storm that will make the children feel better.

Determined to make her special children feel better, Zoe takes Leia and Luke on a magical adventure to an age known as the Jurassic period, or the time of the dinosaurs. There they meet Jason, a young brachiosaur, and his mother, Diane. Together they learn a valuable lesson about bravery from their new friends.

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