Killing the Infidels
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Killing the Infidels

Al Qaeda in America
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Dr. Mark D. Sands
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It is 1993, and Ramzi Yousefs plan to blow up the World Trade Center and kill thousands has just failed miserably. As he scribbles on a cocktail napkin the details of his next plan to kill eighty thousand infidels, Yousef has no idea that an elite Joint Terrorism Task Force is secretly assembling with a sole mission of identifying and eliminating terrorist cells before they harm American citizens. After an initial briefing at the Pentagon, Special Agent Mark Severide knows that he and his fellow agents must do everything in their power to stop the terrorists before they carry out another deadly mission. Armed with intelligence-gathering capabilities, wiretaps, and listening devices, the group soon identifies the terrorist cells leader: Usama bin Laden, a man with a fierce determination to kill Americans in the name of Allah. As Severide and the antiterrorist agents begin gathering information that help them uncover the cells frightening plots, they can only hope that their secret investigation is thorough enough to prevent an unthinkable catastrophe from occurring on American soil.
Killing the Infidels is a story of courage and dogged determination as members of an elite group of federal agents hunt down Al Qaeda cells in an effort to stop extremists from carrying out evil plans in the United States.

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