Wander in the Night
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Wander in the Night

A Poem for Children and Grownups
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Adam Day
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Bedtime and Im tucked in tightly, teeth are clean and all my nightlyStories have been read to me, Im ready for my goodnight hug.
I cuddle close with teddy bear while mother brushes through my hair
And as shes leaving she declares, Sleep now safe and snug.

Children love to hear bedtime stories, invitations to where their imagination might lead them in their sleep. But sometimes even kids can get tired of hearing the same old story over and over again. Adults can get a bit worn out from reading the same story time and time again too.

Wander in the Night is not just a poem for children, it is a poem for children and their grownups! It tells the tale of a little girl trying to find a comfy place to sleep. Her explorations will take you into every nook and cranny in her house and then out to the stars! With poems that are as much fun to read as they are to hear, beautiful illustrations, and a sweet adventure to follow, Wander in the Night just might become your new favorite bedtime story, and it might even inspire you to write your own poems and stories too. Its a fun, new, poetic way to end your day!

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