Time, and Time Again
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Time, and Time Again

Times Now and Then, Then and Now
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Paul Brown
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Life is an adventure, full of surprises day in and day out, month in and month out, year after year. Life brings joy, faith, pain, hope, despair, laughter, suffering, love, and hope. In Time, and Time Again, author Paul Brown shares a collection of stories from his life growing up during the 1950s to the 1970s.
Culled from Browns four earlier books in the Time series, the stories recapture his memories from childhood, through the teen years, to adulthood. The colorful narratives describe everything from his own adventures and emotions coming of age, to traveling to his grandmothers house for family events, to incidents and tragedies that shaped his memories. Time, and Time Again provides personal insights into the life and times of his extended family, including some eccentric relatives.

With humor and an eye for details about people, places, and events, Brown writes about a plethora of topics including the daily struggles of the previous generationfrom church, school, and social activities to battles with weather, insects, and crops to accidental deaths, disease, debt, alcohol, and cultural identifiers from Model T Fords to Jack Benny to Ozzie and Harriett. Time, and Time Again reminds us that time is a treasure that must be dearly held and cannot be replaced.

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