The Straw That Broke the Camel’S Backpack
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The Straw That Broke the Camel’S Backpack

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Amelia Rose
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Charley is a camel with a heart of gold. He loves balancing Zanna the Zebras xylophone on his back when she has a recital, acting as a hurdle for Robby the Roadrunner during gym class, and carrying books for Poppy the Porcupine. Because he is so strong and kindhearted, Charleys friends always look to him for help. Charley doesnt mind. He just wants to fit in with others.
In this colorful and charming childrens tale, a little camel with a big heart learns a valuable lesson about the power of give and take, and what happens when he takes on more than he can handle. Be sure to watch for Amelias upcoming book, Robby the Roadrunners Ridiculous Race.

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