The Settle Inn
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The Settle Inn

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Richard Goodis
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Five people will soon have their lives dramatically changed in ways none of them could have ever expected only days before.
An inside racetrack tip, a stolen F-150, a visit to an old friend, and a mother-daughter road trip lead five people on intertwining journeys that begin deep in the heart of Texas and culminate in the once-glamorous resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

At the Settle Inn, their journeys intersect for one fateful night.

For one woman and one man in particular, a chain of events will set in motion what will become the most important trip of their lives. Jenny Lynn Lancing is trapped in an unfulfilling present and haunted by her past. John Sanders is a man who cant run away from his past or his mistakes. Their unexpected road trip sets both on new paths, in search of the long-lost keys to their own lives. Along the way, as they come to terms with broken promises and unfulfilled potential, they face decisions with unpredictable consequences. Each will be set free. Both hope for a rare second chance.

Within a story of everyday people, told with poignancy and wry wit, The Settle Inn, is an entertaining tale of hope, discovery, recovery, and renewal.

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