Bad Girls: Rise Above the Madness!
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Bad Girls: Rise Above the Madness!

A Crash Course on Self-Improvement for Young Women
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Kikelomo Thompkins
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In a world dominated by pop culture, society often relishes the self-destructive antics of famous women, and in response young women often adopt behaviors reflected by these celebrities. As an educator and author, Kikelomo Thompkins has witnessed the unsettling and negative behaviors of young adults who sell themselves short by adopting unsavory habits.
Building on her observations and personal experiences, she now seeks to help so-called Bad Girls--young women with an array of destructive personality traits--find healthier ways of fulfilling themselves without getting caught up in the madness. This guide for young women offers advice on a wide range of topics, including public behavior, language, gossiping, personal finances, grooming and hygiene, and success in the workplace. Thompkins also explores how to use social media in a positive way; how to end a toxic relationship and start over; and how to reflect, change, and create a new you.

With an open mind and heart, you can rid yourself of unhealthy and destructive habits, free yourself from everything that has been holding you back, and start on the path to true, lasting success.

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