A Woman with a Mind of Her Own
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A Woman with a Mind of Her Own

The Delicious Adventures of Maggie, Who Lived by Her Own Rules as Daughter, Wife, Mother, Businesswoman, Professor, Author, Public Speaker…And True Feminist
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Alan R. Tripp
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Alan R Tripp married three times: First when he eloped, a second time in a double ceremony with the brides sister, and a third time when he renewed his vows.Each time it was to the same woman: Maggie.
While their friends wondered how they could stay married so long when they were so different, thats precisely what made it work. In this unconventional biography, Alan pays tribute to his wifes take-charge attitude and essence with a series of vignettes that will make you think, laugh, and shake your head in wonder.
How Maggie combined marriage, business, teaching and public speaking with strong feminism will inspire you to go for it in lifeand never to settle for less than what you know you can be.

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