Keyless in Alaska
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Keyless in Alaska

Brother Darrell’S Alaskan Adventures … a Remote Chef’S Odyssey Throughout ‘The Last Frontier’
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Darrell Purdy
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After a twenty-year stint in the military that took him around the world three times, author Darrell Purdy decided to see if Alaska would live up to all the amazing things he had heard about it. That was back in 1998. Nowyears laterhe continues to be awed with each new assignment he takes.
In Keyless in Alaska, Purdy offers a travelogue, recipe book, and adventure story that follows him as he searches for jobs in the last frontiers remote areas where half of the journey is just getting there. From the inside passage to the North Slope and areas West and South, he has cooked his way around the state. Purdy shares his travels and the jobs that got him there. He also includes some favorite bush recipes and stories both humorous and informative. Each day is guaranteed to hold a surprise or two and often involves bears or other wildlife that keeps him on his toes and keeps the camp dog busy.

Keyless in Alaska chronicles Purdys odyssey through the remote wilds of Americas true last frontier and the array of jobs he finds there.

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