The Last Seven Years
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The Last Seven Years

My Journey with My Aging Mother
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C.A. Hill
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With boundless energy and bubbly personality, author C.A. Hills mother stayed active with her friends and activities. It was a joy to see her live each day to the fullest with such a positive attitude. But the time came when her mother--always full of zest--began to change. Hill could no longer deny or ignore the signs. It was evident her mother wasnt thinking rationally and could no longer make the right decisions for herself.
In The Last Seven Years, Hill chronicles her firsthand experiences as she took the role of caregiver and responsible party and witnessed her mothers transition from an independent, effervescent woman to an empty shell of her former self. Spanning the last seven years of her mothers decline, this memoir offers an accurate account of the stages encountered through the aging process. Though it reads somewhat like a novel, this story presents a true documentation of how physical and mental behaviors changed the course of Hills mothers life.

The Last Seven Years points out how menacing the physical changes and behaviors can be for an aging parent. This narrative provides a unique perspective on how to get through the rough times and still keep your parent happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe.

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