Our 6Th Sense & Purpose
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Our 6Th Sense & Purpose

The Power in Knowing Who You Are
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Phrantceena T. Halres
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Somewhere, somehow, weve allowed the light within us to flicker and often dim. Weve forgotten how wonderful, beautiful, powerful--how full--we really are. Its not that the light is burning out; its only hidden. That light is who we are, and its waiting to shine brightly again and to expand into other areas, bringing clarity, vision, and purpose--not only to your personal lives, but in the lives of those around you.
In Our 6th Sense & Purpose, author Phrantceena T. Halres teaches you how to push beyond the personal and professional challenges to end your cycle of struggle and avoid the pitfalls of low self-esteem to live a life full of joy and to reignite the light within you. Based on her personal journey of life and leadership, Halres helps you celebrate who you are.

Each chapter includes a key topic, ranging from forgotten truths, to how to rediscover yourself, to self-trust. The chapters conclude with a recap of the key points, as well as conversational topics and exercises to help you implement the concepts and action items. A journal provides an opportunity to write about thoughts and reflections.

Our 6th Sense & Purpose shows how giving back to yourself offers the greatest gift. Its not just knowing who you are, it is how you rediscover that light within you and understand how it manifests into the world around you.

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