Short Tales of a Long Doggie
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Short Tales of a Long Doggie

Buddy Takes a Walk
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JC Colarusso
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Buddy the dachshund lives in a not-so-mythical place called Florida- a place where the sun always shines and everyone is always happy. Buddy, being a typical dachshund is a determined, funny, happy little guy who loves to explore. Every day brings a chance to meet new, exotic friends and see wonderful new places.Today Buddy has decided that he is bored and wants to explore his neighborhood, but to communicate those needs with his human parents is not always easy. See how he works to get his point across and watch his joy as he starts his adventure.
Short Tales is a delightful way to teach your children the respect for animals big and small, and give them insight into the mind of our furry friends of the animal kingdom. They will learn that every day can be the start of a new friendship, and a new adventure.

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