The New Sacred
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The New Sacred

Measuring for Success
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Don C. Davis
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Which is better, to live on the holding edge of the past, or the growing edge of the future?Don Davis writes on the growing edge of the future. His novel,
A Place In The Story, is about choosing to live on the growing edge.
The seven sequels are more than just the best of serious fiction; they tell the story of Dr. Kelly, beloved granddad, who is also a down-to-earth philosopher of life, future-vision speaker and writer, and a most unusual professor.
Through A Place In The Story, we can shadow Dr. Kellys faith journey story and dare to dream our best dreams, then give them their best chance to happen as fellow pioneers of new tomorrows and the new sacred.
We live in the greatest age in all human history! We are indebted to the past, but we owe more to the future.
The rewards have never been greater for the human family to choose the identity markers of the Big Ten Universal Qualities to define our best future.
When we choose the Big Ten Universal Qualities for our identity markers our brain creates a kind of inner voice, a talisman, an alter ego, that magnetizes the identity markers that lead us to our higher self.

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