Where Did I Come From? and How Did I Get My Name?
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Where Did I Come From? and How Did I Get My Name?

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Mary Ellen
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When a puppy goes to the pet store so he can find a special family to take him home, hes understandably nervous. But then he sees all the other puppies, kittens, fish, and birds playing. Hes happy to join everyone.When he wakes up from a nap, he looks out the pet store window and sees a beautiful little girl staring at him. Next to her is a man with a friendly face who calls the little girl KC. Is this going to be his new family, the puppy wonders.
When the puppy arrives at his new home, he begins to investigate and meets everyone in his new family. Theres even a little boy thats just his size to play with. The pup does some more investigating and his new mom tells him his name is Tanner Dog. You are a good boy Tanner Dog. We love you, she tells him.
Tanner Dogthe private investigatordoesnt know it yet, but there will be plenty more mysteries to explore, and in the future, hell have some help from the professor cat next door, Mr. Vlad.

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