In Search of Self
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In Search of Self

Reflections from the Eastern Caribbean
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Mary Ann Bachman Kollenberg
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Author Mary Ann Bachman Kollenberg has always had a lust for adventure, and that lust has taken her all over the world. One of her dreams was to serve in the US Peace Corps. In 1992, at the age of fifty-eight, that became a reality. Kollenberg spent two years on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean where she helped preserve the environment while keeping tourism alive.
Through In Search of Self, Kollenberg shares a collection of letters and journal entries written to family and friends during her two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Dominica. With photos included, this memoir documents her many and varied experiences. She narrates stories of her interactions with her homestay family and the islands inhabitants as well as descriptions of the culture, the food, the beautiful island setting, and the work she did on behalf of the small country.

In Search of Self provides insight into the feelings and emotions experienced by a Peace Corps volunteer during her service, and it offers a look at the beauty and culture of one small Caribbean island.

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