Breakable Bond
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Breakable Bond

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Diane Steiner
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A compelling tale of the endearing bond of friendship and compassion amid war, Breakable Bond uncovers a personalized element of what life in Palestine is like as the Palestinians and Israelis fight over land. When Ahmed arrives home to find his house in Tulkarm destroyed, he feels betrayed. Frantic, his efforts to locate his missing family are frustrated by pervasive fear and suspicion. No one is talking, so Ahmed decides he must take a risky journey to Netanya to search for his fathers Israeli childhood friend. Can he get past the checkpoint safely into Netanya, or will his familys disappearance remain a mystery in his village? Ahmed hopes that Joshua may provide the help he needs to be reunited with his family. Joshua is a kindred spirit who yearns to help his new friend, but their friendship is strained by being on opposing sides of the conflict.
Along the way, Ahmed finds much more than he ever hoped to find and now history may once again repeat itself. Will this new bond that he has formed with Joshua remain unbreakable, or will fate intervene again?
Written authentically and with an unprejudiced passion for those who live under constant threat in the Middle East, Breakable Bond offers a very human face to an impossibly complex situation.

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