The Golden Arrow
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The Golden Arrow

A Spy Novel
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Lloyd Richardson
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Irans mullahs will do anything to possess a nuclear missile that can destroy Israel and with it, the reputation of its ally, the United States. Confronted with an indecisive American president, the mullahs move to implement an international financial strategy to fund their nuclear program, assisted by their ally, Turkey, whose leaders have decided to play their own foreign policy game.
United States intelligence agent, Adam Chin, and his soul mate and Indian operative, Colonel Supriya Lal, have been unstoppableat least until now. During the stakeout of a warehouse suspected in housing human trafficking in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the duo stumbles across evidence that Iran is engaged in a secretive gold mining operation to fund their illegal nuclear weapons program. The trail of these illicit activities takes Chin and Lal to Istanbul and then Tehran, where they must determine how to thwart an imminent nuclear launch with the power to create a second Holocaust for Israel and alter the balance of power in the Middle East forever.

In this political thriller, as two agents race against the clock to stop an evil mission, they are unwittingly caught in the political crossfire from Washington as the fate of democracy in the Middle East hangs in the balance.

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