Quack and Waddle’S First Adventure
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Quack and Waddle’S First Adventure

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Nancy Wagner
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In Quack and Waddle's First Adventure, two young Mallard ducks visit the world outside their quiet lake to meet new friends and have new experiences.
Waddle, a curious and daring duck, can hardly wait to explore but Quack, her cautious and faithful companion is a little less eager. During their first adventure they are laughed at by a rabbit, attacked by a hawk, amazed by a possum, chased by a cat, outraged by a raccoon and they form a great friendship with a group of small birds in this new world that they explore.

Like anyone who travels, they are happy to go home to a more familiar, safe world in the end, but they are better ducks for their experiences.

But beware Quack...Waddle is already busy planning her next adventure.

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