Majestic Madness
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Majestic Madness

Agony to Zest
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Andrea Chenoweth
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A journey to the core.An uplifting expedition, a mission,
Not always a chore when in transition.

An adventure into the unknown.
Unravel your history of mystery.
Sharpen your stone.

Life is a treasure hunt
In search of the missing peace.
Seek. Never cease ...

Andy Chenoweth has overcome many obstacles in her life and is now using her poetic license to help bring others from the depths of darkness to refreshing new heights.

Chenoweth shares a collection of poetry that intertwines her innermost thoughts and feelings with a distinctive style that culminates in unbridled expressions of joy and sorrow. Presented in alphabetical order, Chenoweths poems cover a gamut of emotions and experiences. From heartache and love to addiction and hope, she takes others on an exuberant journey from uncertainty to serenity where self-acceptance is rewarded and healing is encouraged.

Majestic Madness is a unique collection of reflections that shares one womans journey through life as she learned to embrace her identity, trust the Source, and look forward to a future filled with love, faith, and hope.

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