George the Hero Dog
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George the Hero Dog

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Marei Von Saher
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My name is George, and as you can see, I am a big, happy, and very fluffy black poodle. Just like Mom and Dad, daughter Jackie and son Bode, I am a part of the Baker family. I love them all, but my very best friend in the world is Pfifficus, our spunky little parakeet. Pfifficus means energetic in German, and let me tell you, his name really fits him!Winter is here and the whole family is excited to go on vacation together. Were headed to Vermont for some skiing and fun in the snow. Were having a great time, but something really scary has happened.
Pfifficus is missing!

Its much too cold for such a little bird who isnt used to being outside in the winter. We have to find my friend before its too late! As night falls and a blizzard approaches, we all have to work together to save Pfifficus. Jackie and I head out into the storm to find our parakeet. With nothing more than a little hunch and a lot of hope, we head up the big mountain.
Ive got my paws crossed that we find Pfifficus in time.
Will you help us find my friend?

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