The Magician
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The Magician

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E. J. Stauffer
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Ben Knight is a paid government assassin who always excelled at his job. On an assignment gone badly, he almost loses his life, which makes him reassess his career of choice. Ben leaves it all behind. He quits his job and decides to live a normal life, if only he can figure out what that means.
With no skills or interests outside his extensive government training, Ben lives a bored and listless life until he meets Ellen. Shes on the run from her abusive husband with her young daughter Marianne. Ben feels connected to Ellen, and when she dies under unforeseen circumstances, he becomes Mariannes legal guardian.

Soon, Ben becomes engaged to the woman he loves. Hes a good father to Marianne, and life is perfect until a ghost from his past arrives and threatens the normalcy Ben has worked hard to achieve. In order to save himself and his family, Ben must become the killer he once was and use the well-honed skills of his previous profession.

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