Love, Abbey
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Love, Abbey

A Memoir of an Undying Spirit
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Abbey Almelien Banh
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Abbey Almelien Banh lived her life in the service of others, especially the smallest. A pediatric nurse, she lived her life inspired by the words of Fernado Sabino:
In the end,
it will be okay.

If its not okay,
its not yet the end.

In the prime of her life, she received news that she had heard others receive countless times. On the day she learned that she had cancer, her life understandably changed. Most people would agree that being diagnosed with cancer is unlucky. Being diagnosed with two is tragic. Three cancers is catastrophic and would leave most people utterly speechless.

But Abbey was never one to be silenced.

This collection of blogs is one womans intimate journey to continue living life no matter the challenges that lay before her. Reading Love, Abbey will allow you to follow this undying spirit as she redefined the label of cancer patient to a person living life to the fullest with cancer. Her resilience proved cancer could not win in changing the person shed become.

So, this wasnt exactly my plan,
but I suppose having cancer and going through treatment isnt anyones plan.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to
sarcoma cancer research at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.

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