Pilgrims of Mortality
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Pilgrims of Mortality

A Patient’S Chronicle of the Journey Beyond Colorectal Cancer Detection
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Mallory J. McComish
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This is a remarkable book written by an amazing patient with cancer. His journey has been hard and tortuous and is not yet over. His writing is clear, amusing, factually correct, well researched and inspirational. Its a very unusual logbook of a pilgrim who has travelled for a decade down the cancer road.
Bursting with information, this story will be helpful to all those with cancer, whatever its type. We live in an information rich world, where the internet and media provide 24 hour access to global knowledge. But sifting the relevant and accurate from the erroneous and subtly promotional is now a great challenge. Here, Mallory demonstrates how to do this very effectively.

During my career as an oncologist I have seen tremendous improvements in cancer care. Our outcomes are now so much better. But involving patients in their care has never been more important. This gives us great insight of one mans cancer journey and will be of great value to future patients and their families.

Professor Karol Sikora, Medical Director of Cancer Partners UK, Dean of the University of Buckingham Medical School and former Chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) Cancer Program

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