Windsong Wendy
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Windsong Wendy

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Margie Amos
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Wendy is no ordinary chicken. Abandoned on her first day of life, she is rescued by a pair of warm hands who take her to rest on a pile of hay in a cardboard box. Nowas part of an animal family on Windsong RanchWendy must quickly learn the pecking order as she makes new friends.
Rocky the rooster runs a tight coop. While surrounded by Pepper the cat, Nannette the goat, Lilli the hummingbird, and many others, Wendy eventually learns how to be a chicken from the ranchs grand-hen, Lennie. But it soon becomes evident that life as a chicken is not all egg laying and scratching for worms when Wendys adventures lead her to become an unsuspecting hero.

Windsong Wendy is the charming tale of an abandoned chick as she grows up on a ranch and learns life lessons about family, friendship, and compassion for others.

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