Pumpkin Goes to Paris
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Pumpkin Goes to Paris

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Lucille Barnett
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Do you ever think about going somewhere fun and exciting? When friends and family members travel, do you wish you could hide in their suitcases and go off with them? Do you sometimes feel a little bit jealous when they leave? Maybe more than just a little?
Pumpkin the cat had dreams of traveling for as long as she could remember. Her mom often traveled, but Pumpkin was always left behind, her travel experiences limited to her imagination. Lucille Barnetts Pumpkin Goes to Paris tells the story of what happens when Pumpkin finally gets to live her dream and visit Paris. But her adventure begins more like a nightmare, when she discovers her passport, money, and suitcase contents have been stolen. Pumpkin doesnt let that stop her, and she sets out to enjoy her trip. After all, shes in Paris! She runs into three feline friends from home, and they team up and enjoy the sights of the city, while having a few adventures along the way.

Pumpkin Goes to Paris is a funny and heartwarming adventure story. It shows that although things may not go exactly as you plan, you can still have fun, create wonderful memories, and have exciting tales you can share with others.

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