Mr. Mustache Goes to the Circus
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Mr. Mustache Goes to the Circus

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Christopher Ford
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Mr. Mustache lives in a small town. He enjoys all the activities seven-year-old boys love to do like running, swimming, and bicycling. But most of all, Mr. Mustache likes to learn about new and exciting things, like the circus that has just come into town!
Mr. Mustache has never been to the circus. After he receives tickets from a lion tamer, he sets off on an adventure to the big top where he hopes to see all the exciting circus acts. As the lights dim, a spotlight shines on the barker, and the circus begins, Mr. Mustache secretly wonders what it would be like to entertain an audience from inside the ring.

In this delightful childrens tale, a curious boy embarks on an adventure to the circus where he imagines a new life and happily discovers he is just fine with being himself.

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