Evolving Medicine
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Evolving Medicine

How to Make the Art of Healing Healthy Again
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Magda Montasir
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Doctors used to have personal relationships with their patients, but now they must contend with the government, third-party payers and the massive health care industry.
Magda Montasira medical doctorlooks back four generations and outlines how medicine has changedand not always for the better. She considers questions such as:

Is the Affordable Care Act an equitable health care system?
What can be done to make health care more affordable?
Can we really make preventative care available to everyone?
How long should we prolong life and under what circumstances?
Is health care every persons right, the governments obligation to provide, or a free business enterprise?

Even laypeople will get a full sense of how the medical profession works as well as how its code of ethics has changed over time. Moreover, the author also examines how other countries approach health care so that Americans can make an informed decision as to what changesif anytheyd like to see made to the Affordable Care Act.

Take a fascinating journey highlighting the external influences on how we practice medicine, and consider how to improve the system with Evolving Medicine.

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