Eleana’S Dinosaur Adventure
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Eleana’S Dinosaur Adventure

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Grandma Ragan
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Eleana loves to learn about all animals but her greatest fascination is with those lumbering, ancient beasts - the dinosaurs. Eleana eagerly awaits a visit to the zoo with her friend Adam. They want to see every animal there, but when dinosaurs enter the picture their story takes on an exciting new turn and the adventure really begins. Grandma Ragan invites you to join the children on their journey to a colorful land of amazing sights and experiences. While sharing in the fun, youll be learning about the animal kingdom and the world of dinosaurs. See how Eleana and Adam overcome their fears to help each other safely explore this whole new world.Eleanas Dinosaur Adventure goes where Ranger Rick cant - into a dino-park! And by going there, it explores a world of imagination with an excitement for learning. Where Elena leads, its smart to follow.
--Jacob Boyd, award-winning author

Grandma Ragan has written a fun and informative book that is sure to appeal to kids who love animals, especially dinosaurs.
--Kristin Hilton, author of Zoo Goofs: True Tales of Zookeeper Misadventures

Grandma Ragan captures the excitement of a childs basic desire to explore and marvel at her world. That world of strange-sounding dinosaur names comes across as bold and inviting. The homemade pictures add a warm complement to the story.
--Craig Nix, Parent Program Manager for Project READS in Fort Wayne, IN and author of 60 short stories

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