Living with Enlightenment
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Living with Enlightenment

The Burden of Truth
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Henry Rathbun
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What is truth? That question is difficult to answer unless we know our own truths, how our minds work, and why we feel the way we do about the world we live in. With that in mind, Henry Rathbun combines personal anecdotes with hypnosis methodologies, meditation, and ancient teachings in order to encourage others to embrace a simpler way to experience life.
As a former professional hypnotist, Rathbun learned much living between two worlds: the subconscious minds of others and his own reality. While providing a glimpse into his personal experiences during a time when he faced many challenges, Rathbun shares life lessons that reveal fresh insights and spiritual and revelatory concepts that point to profound truths about the human mind, reality, and a deeper meaning of life. Guided by an unseen force Hank leads others down a rugged path to self-enlightenment in his simple and honest way, leaning on the trained stillness in his own mind.

Living with Enlightenment is an inspirational story of one mans journey into the truth of God, the dualism of mind, and the burden of human suffering.

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