Kennedy’s Big Visit
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Kennedy’s Big Visit

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Daphne Brooks
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Little Kennedy is so excited to visit her father again. After she tries on her princess dress and a tutu, Kennedys mother finds something pretty for her to wear. Finally, they are ready to take the long car ride to visit her daddy!
When Kennedy arrives at the big building, she knows she cannot run around or talk loudly. When she sees her father, she is happy and sad all at once. Happy because she loves her daddy, but sad because she knows her visit will come to an end soon and she will have to say goodbye. Even though she knows her father must be punished for his bad choices, Kennedy hopes that one day, God will answer her prayers and bring him home to her again.

Kennedys Big Visit is the poignant childrens story about a father and daughter bond that is unbreakable, despite their unique challenges.

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