Secrets Are Forever
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Secrets Are Forever

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Frank Rocco
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It is August 1978 in Grove City, Iowa, when sophomore quarterback Cody Williams shows up at his colleges annual Welcome Back cookout and meets Kelsey Pedersen, an incoming freshman on a basketball scholarship. The attraction is instantaneous, but Kelsey immediately rules out anything but a platonic relationship with Cody. She is white and he is black.
When their friendship and caring for each other morphs into yearnings they do not fully understand, Kelsey and Cody ignore family values and biblical teachings and succumb to their physical desires. But it is only a few weeks later when Kelsey realizes the consequences of her actions. With Cody in a downward spiral and Kelsey terrified, the young lovers leave the destiny of their unborn child to their parents who urge them to give the baby up for adoption. But when a sonogram shows two beating hearts instead of one, it sets into motion a chain of events that causes the twins to be separated at birth, forever binds both families with their secret, and culminates in an epic reunion.

Secrets Are Forever tells a tale of forbidden love as life begins in a college town and comes full circle, causing a ripple effect across generations.

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