Armadillo Antics
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Armadillo Antics

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Linda Wylie BearDen
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Austin, Bo, Charley, and Danny are newborn armadillos who live in the Texas Hill Country under a spacious oak tree they share with Mr. Oliver, a great horned owl who helps their mother watch over them when they are not sleeping. But as Mr. Oliver and Mother Armadillo already know, keeping the four little boys safe from all the dangers in their environment is not an easy task.
As the boys skin hardens into shells, they slowly begin to emerge from their den. With help from their mother who teaches them where to find delicious food like ants, termites, spiders, and worms, Austin, Bo, Charley, and Danny begin exploring the perilous world around them. While Mother Armadillo guides the boys to recognize their predators and survive each threat, her biggest fear is that they will become a hillbilly bump in the road. Now only time will tell if they can survive their frightening encounters and become the armadillos she has always dreamed they could be.

Armadillo Antics is the charming and educational tale of four armadillos on a coming-of-age journey as they learn to find food, protect themselves from predators, and interact with others of their kind.

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