Future Man
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Future Man

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Bruno De Marques
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As Vincent De Marcos watches a barge carry off a supersonic airliner to a museum in November 2003, he cant help but think: The old boat still has a place in the world, but the Concorde apparently does not.
For the first time in the history of transportation, distances have become longer, and it feels like a funeralonly they are burying the future instead of a person.

No one seems to care, but sixteen years later Vincent still cant help thinking about what the world has lost. To him, we still live in the past, and smartphones and tablets, as amazing as they are, will never change that. He struggles to focus on work at the Rigor Insurance building and looks forward to sometimes flirting with his friend, the beautiful Nuria Guzman.

Its only by chance that he sees a presentation about the supposed existence of a forgotten Jewish community composed of elite, scientific thinkers that have been hiding in Antarctica since World War2.

Throwing caution to the wind, he decides to search for the community, even though it means risking his life. If he finds it, hell be forced to decide whether or not the scientists can be trusted to help the world live up to its promise in Future Man.

Inspired by the findings of historical researcher Rainer Daehnhardt who, in 2005, was awarded Top One Hundred Scientist 2005 by Cambridge, for his historical scientific research, namely his findings on the activities in Antarctica by the German of the 3rd Reich in the 1930/40s and the secret operations, led by allied forces - especially the U.S. - to find them, long after WWII was over.

He has published 80 books and over 600 scientific articles.

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