Second Thoughts with Songs on the Wind
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Second Thoughts with Songs on the Wind

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F.M. Bonevento
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There are reflections on life; then, there are truer reflections. It took a six-year hiatus for poet F.M. Bonevento to return to the written word, but he does so now with passion, wit, and a better understanding of things he thought he once knew. He now knows with certainty that time passes, and, as it does, we change and gain deeper understandings.
The Ashen Song reflects Boneventos increasing concerned for the future of humanity and our uncertain fate. The Moons Song recalls an evening spent studying the autumn moon in a shimmering Texas sky. His work goes beyond observation and into the realm of science, as well, due to the authors lasting fascination with the relationship between the power of human thought and the infinite depth of the universe around us.

Boneventos first two collections prepared him for this, his third and most powerful volume yet. His words bring resolution to the flights of heart and mind that visit our days here on Earth. The winds of time blow us back and forth; emotional winds shape us into who we are and who we will become. Take another, closer look at your life and hear the words on the winds.

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