Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock
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Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock

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Nino Gugunishvili
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Tasha is a dreamer in search of a new dream.
Shes bored with Pilates. Shes never tried yoga. She doesnt even have a drivers license. She lives a pretty ordinary life as a freelance writer who battles the occasional flow of melancholy with the regular flow of martinis. Nestled into her couch, her television remote in one hand and a cold adult beverage in the other, shes found a favorite way to pass the hours on a Friday evening. Its comfortable and familiar, but its not exactly an exciting way to live. With two of her closest friends, a bossy mother, an eighty-two-year-old grandmother, and Griffin, her fat yellow Labrador at her side, she knows that there has to be something better out there.

But where?

When she gets an unexpected offer to relocate to France to write a magazine column, she thinks her circumstances are improving. But life in a new country isnt all pches et la crme. Now far away from her comfort zone, Tasha must find the inner strength to start a new career and navigate the bizarre and unknown world of professional jealousy, intrigue, and conflicting personalities in a very foreign land.

Its enough to make a girl yearn for those quiet nights on the couch.

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