How to Grow and Master Your Relationships:
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How to Grow and Master Your Relationships:

Thirteen Steps for Men
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Anthony Servadio
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It is no secret that attempting to understand the differences between men and women, especially during modern dating rituals, can be a complex and frustrating process. But when a man is able to overcome stereotypes and identify the right female companion, he has the potential to forge a loving relationship that can bring years of happiness, fun, romance, and deep-seeded friendship.
In his relationship handbook, Anthony Servadio introduces thirteen fundamental principles that will help young men master their interpersonal relationships with women by learning how to appreciate the nature of women, fully comprehending their behavioral characteristics, and then building a relationship based on love and trust. Servadio utilizes extensive research and real-life examples to teach single men specifically how to:

- Develop self-awareness and repair a bruised ego

- Navigate through the first date and beyond

- Identify nurturing women seeking committed relationships

- Avoid different types of traps

- End an unhealthy relationship with dignity

How to Grow and Master Your Relationships: Thirteen Steps for Men is a practical guide that offers advice, tips, and empowerment strategies that will help men successfully navigate the evolving world of dating and find the woman of their dreams.

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