The Piano of Dreams
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The Piano of Dreams

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Blanche Coady
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Mimi is a little girl growing up on the Ohio River who dreams of having her own piano. She plays on her neighbor’s piano, but it isn’t the same as having one of her own.
When Mimi grows up, she moves to Washington, DC. She gets married and has three children--but she never gives up her piano dream. Then one day, the dream comes true! She becomes the proud owner of a baby grand piano, which she enjoys for many, many years. When Mimi is eighty-eight years old and her children are all grown up, she decides to find someone who will love her piano as much as she did. But can she find someone with that same piano dream?

Based on a true story, this illustrated tale shows that dreams really can come true and that you are never too old--or too young--to dream.

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