Running with Sunbeams
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Running with Sunbeams

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Eileen Kerr Blakeman
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You Are HereThe beauty from your soul
Gently brings the stars to shine,
Twinkling lights from above
Spreading angel dust so fine
Upon the night with tender love.

In a collection of colorful yet simple poems, Eileen Kerr Blakeman shares both poignant and lighthearted reflections that encourage others to contemplate their lives and perhaps even catch a sunbeam along the way. While pondering such relatable topics as time, nature, and the search for success, Blakeman also shares verse that finds the humor in starting a new day with a bowl of Cheerios, a journal that is too pretty to use, and a tiny mouse that, while seeking shelter away from the cold, leaves little reminders of his presence.

Running with Sunbeams is a charming compilation of lyrical verse that recognizes the specialness of each day and the beauty around us.

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