Heart Struck
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Heart Struck

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Susan Rodriguez
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As the CEO of a small consumer protection agency, Sandra Dressler has a promising career. In her personal life, she is happily married and has two lively daughters. Like millions of women, Sandy somehow manages to keep her professional and domestic life in balance. That is, until she meets the high-profile, irresistibly handsome human rights attorney, Victor Moran.
Sandy is smart, sensible and pragmatic. She firmly believes in the power of self-control. So imagine her surprise, when she finds herself threatened by an overpowering situation that she cant resist. Sandy embarks on a wild ride with Victor that defies all willpower. This unconventional love story brings passion, pleasure, pain loving and longing. Sandy is at the center of a secret and taboo relationship. She finds that fast answers are in short supply. Sandy suffers deep guilt, but knows that whenever lightning strikes, it does not ask for permission first.

What to do?

In her quest to resolve matters, Sandy will travel on an emotional and spiritual journey from Philadelphia and New York to the ancient Mayan pyramids of Mexico, the Zen Buddhist shrines of Japan and finally, to the City of Lights Paris. The novel confronts a complicated, engaging love story. The source of the mystery to be solved is likely hidden in the depths of the human heart.

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